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Let Didi's Wardrobe help you sell those extra new and used Indian clothes and costume jewelry that are taking up precious space in your closets!  

Start to sell your new and used sarees, lehengas and more on Didi's Wardrobe through our We Post for You service!  

See our visual step-by-step Indian clothing consigment guide for more instructions.

International Sellers - If you live outside of the United States, you can sell your items through our We Post for You Process. Please contact us at consignment@didiswardrobe for more information.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way.  Call us at 616-606-DIDI or email us at

Step-By-Step Instructions We Post for You Instructions - Click Here
Who Posts Items Didi's Wardrobe
Cost to Post Free, unlimited postings
Photographs Didi's Wardrobe takes photographs, compresses, optimizes and uploads to the site
Measurements Didi's Wardrobe takes measurements, determines sizing based on Didi's Wardrobe sizing charts
Pricing for Items  Individuals provide desired price.  Final pricing determined by seller with Didi's Wardrobe guidance
Shipping Didi's Wardrobe mails items within 2 business days - buyer pays for shipping (prices determiend by DW)
Lost Packages Didi's Wardrobe takes risk for lost packages.  To ensure proper delivery, DW includes insurance
Payment 1st of every month
Method of Payment PayPal
Contract Terms 3 years with option to renew
Fees 50% of item price minus $5 warehouse fee (items >$25); 40% of item price (items <$25)
Unsold Items Renew 3 year contract, have items sent back at sellers expense or have items donated
Step 1 Click on We Post for You
Step 2 Register as a seller
Step 3 Fill in inventory form (item type, color, desired price)
Step 4 Mail us your items with delivery confirmation (we are not responsible for lost packages). Follow these packaging steps before shipping your items.
Step 5 Email your tracking information to Didi's Wardrobe
Step 6 Sit back and relax!  We take care of the rest! 
Step 7 Any items that do not meet Didi's Wardrobe standards will be mailed back (at sellers expense) or donated 
Step 8 When an item sells, we will process payment for your sold items on the 1st of the month
Step 9 Any unsold items at the end of the 3 year contract can be renewed, sent back at sellers expense, or donated