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There are a number of ways to wear a dupatta with your Lehenga Choli. Lehengas come in different styles, such as A-Line, Mermaid cut, and chuniya choli. The dupatta you choose to wear can make or break your outfit so you want to learn how to properly wear one! Let Didi’s Wardrobe enlighten you to the several different ways to wear a dupatta. You would be surprised how much you can do with a piece of fabric.

First and foremost, dupattas vary in width and lengths; some are very skinny, merely a decorative piece to enhance your Lehenga, while others are used to cover the midriff.

No Dupatta - Many young women these days are sporting a Lehenga without any dupatta. This style is modern, young, and very fashion forward!

Modern Pink Lehenga Choli

Shawl Style - Let your dupatta fall loosely through your arms, making sure both sides are equal in length. This style is also for young women with great bodies who want to show off their midriffs.

Black Lehenga Choli with Heavy Choli Blouse

Scarf Style - You can wrap your dupatta once around your neck, and let the two pieces fall to the front and back of your body. Left or right side, it is your choice!

Purple Lehenga Choli with Pink Dupatta

Back Drape Style - Another modern way to wear the dupatta is draping it across your neck, letting both sides fall to the back. You can either scrunch up the dupatta tight so your necklace is visible, or let it fall down your front loosely.

Front Drape Style - The exact opposite way of the back drape style is to let the two pieces fall forward, and have it drape across the back of your neck.  

Traditional Style - Making pleats and pin them to your right shoulder. Take the longer, back part of the dupatta and wrap it around your waist, letting it droop a little. The final step is tucking in the top part to your left hip, and even pinning it to add security.  

Red & White Lehenga Choli with White Dupatta

Conservative Style - The look above can be more conservative if you choose to bring the front part of the dupatta across your body and pin it to your left hip (where the back is tucked in). This is great if you want to cover your midriff. If you want even more coverage, you can pull the dupatta from the front right of your body all the way to your back. Make sure to pin your dupatta in several places to ensure it doesn’t fall off or move!  This style is usually used with ghagra cholis worn to garbas. 

Many use this style of wearing a dupatta since it mimics the look of a sari!

Pink Ghagra Choli with Gold Embroidery

Shop Didi’s Wardrobe and try the different ways to wear a dupatta! Whether you choose a modern or traditional style to drape your dupatta, remember this can really be the final touch to making you look beautiful in your Lehenga!