What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Your dream has finally coming TRUE! You are invited to an Indian Wedding and you’re thinking: “Is it going to be like Bend it like Bekham?”  or “I want to look just like Freida Pinto”… Your first question is probably, what do I wear to an Indian wedding?

Well, dressing for Indian weddings can be daunting—simplicity isn’t exactly appropriate attire. From elaborate Indian clothing to extravagant jewelry, women are dressed very flashy and over the top while still remaining elegant.

You might be wondering how this is possible. Let Didi’s Wardrobe help you simplify this daunting task of finding the right outfits for the several different events at Indian weddings, whether you are a woman or man, Indian or non-Indian, we are here to help!

If you are looking for affordable options since you will only wear these Indian clothes once or twice, check out Didi’s Wardrobe for new and gently used Indian clothing.

Mehendi Night—a night where henna is applied to women’s hands.

Women: A Salwar Kameez or Kurti in hues of reds, oranges, and yellows is appropriate for this event.

If you do not have Indian clothes available, wearing dress pants and a blouse is appropriate.  Avoid wearing a skirt or short dress to this event because you will likely be sitting on the floor during this event!

Men: Dressing in a nice pair of pants and a button up is appropriate.

For both men and women, I would advise skipping out on the white and pastel clothing for this event. Mehendi stains, and most likely—someone will accidently get some on your clothing.

Pink & Green Salwar Kameez - What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Salwar Kameez


Garba Night–a night of Indian dancing and music!

Women: You want to wear a Chuniya Choli with a bandhani print, a tie-dye Indian print. However, make sure your dupatta/odni is safety pinned properly, covering your chest and stomach. Many women forget that as you are spinning and dancing around the room, your dupatta is also moving—save yourself the embarrassment and make sure you are properly covered before you leave the house!

If you do not have Indian clothes, I would suggest a free-flowing dress. Avoid low-cut, hip-hugging, and strapless dresses. And of course, the brighter the color, the better!

Men: It will get hot at this event, but unfortunately dress pants and a dress shirt is appropriate for Garba night if you don’t have a Indian Kurta Pajama. Of course, you can roll up your sleeves once you get there, but make sure you are wearing loose enough clothes to dance and move around!

Mens Kurta Pajama - What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Mens Kurta Pajama

The Wedding

Women: A traditional Indian saree with warmer colors and gold detailing is suitable! Something fancy will work great for this event.

For those who do not have Indian clothes, a floor length gown or fancy knee-length dress is appropriate. Feel free to wear a dress with embellishments and beading to fit right into the crowd.

Men: A traditional Kurta Pajama is expected to be worn at the wedding. If you do not have a Kurta Pajama, don’t fret. A suit can be worn to the wedding as well.

Red Saree - What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Saree / Sari

The Reception

Women: You have the most freedom at this event! You can wear any color, typically women wear cooler colors with silver accents.  A modern style Saree or Lehenga is perfect for this occasion.

American dresses are appropriate as well. A conservative dress that is close to knee-length is perfect, but depending on the venue, a floor-length gown can be worn. If your shoulders are going to be bare, bring a shawl along!

Men: Wear your best dress shirt with your suit here. Most likely after cocktail hour, your suit jacket will be coming off. Try a skinny tie, tiepin, unique print, or something to make your outfit a little more exciting and stylish than the traditional black suit, white shirt outfit.

White Lehenga Choli - What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

White Lehenga Choli


Remember, it is not appropriate to wear black to any occasion besides the reception! By wearing bright and bold colors, you will fit right into the crowd at an Indian wedding!  Still have questions?  Check out our website for more details on What to Wear to an Indian Wedding,

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