How to Sell your Used Indian Clothes (Saris, Lehengas, Kurtas, Jewelry & More!)

Do you have a closet full of brand new or used Indian clothes that have barely been worn? This is a problem many of us have. We wear a sari once and then put it in the back of our closets, knowing we probably will not wear it again. I know I have a ton of used saris, lehengas and salwar kameez that are practically new – some of them have never worn because I never got a chance to wear them or decided the style was just not for me when I brought them home!

Used Indian Saree

Gently Used Saree $45

Some people take their clothes back to India and Pakistan, but these days with the baggage weight limits, who has space to take back clothes?  This is where Didi’s Wardrobe can help you!

There are 2 ways that you can sell your new and used Indian wear on Didi’s Wardrobe – either through our Post A Sale method or our We Post for You Method.

Post A Sale – The first method is by posting items on the website by yourself (by taking high quality photos, measuring items and uploading with a description on the site).  When an item sells, you will be notified via email to package and ship the items.

Many people find this time consuming and opt for the second method, which is to mail us their items through our We Post for You Process.  All you have to do is fill in a form online with your contact information, number & type of items with a desired price.  Mail us your items and we take care of the rest of the process of photographing, measuring, detailing, uploading and shipping when your Indian and Pakistani wear is sold.

We have a full breakdown of each method on the website under ‘Sell My Items‘ for more information.

Used Lehenga

Purple Lehenga $75

If you choose to send us your items, we will hold items for at least one year before we take next steps (whether it is lowering the price, adding photos or if you would like, sending the items back to you or donating them to a charity).  We are dedicated to selling all items that are in good condition.  The price and sale time will vary greatly on type of items, sizing, quality and condition.

We look forward to working with you to sell your new and gently used Indian clothes.  For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or 616-606-DIDI.

Brand New Salwar Kameez $49

Brand New Salwar Kameez $49

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