Navratri and Garba Season are Here!

With nine days of celebration, beautiful clothing, amazing music, and endless dancing, who wouldn’t want to celebrate? Navratri, in Sanskrit, literally means nine nights. These nine days are determined according to the lunar calendar and celebrates three different goddesses. The first three days are dedicated to Durga (Warrior Goddess), the next three are dedicated to Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity), and the final three days are dedicated to Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). Although Navratri occurs at various times throughout the year, and is celebrated all over India differently, it can be agreed that this is a time of celebration and unity. In the US, in particular, there are a number of Navratri celebrations occurring in September and October.


Navratri is a time when women and girls traditionally dress up in beautiful, traditional, and colorful bandhani chaniya cholis. The colorful beads, shells, and mirrors that adorn the chaniya cholis make these pieces unique and different than any other kinds of Indian outfits. The blue chaniya choli above has a unique embroidered elephant feature on both the blouse and skirt – gorgeous! The dark blue chaniya choli below has a traditional bandhni print and contrasting red dupatta (shawl).

14933976834438_blue-rusty_indian_chaniya_choli 14933977254439_black_indian_chaniya_choli 14933997304418_multicolor_indian_lehenga

Although this festival began as a religious celebration, it has morphed into more of a social festival in the United States.This year, if you are looking to attend a Navratri garba event, find the perfect chaniya choli at Didi’s Wardrobe! This Navratri season, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors, unique beading, and fun accessories! You can find the outfits above along with many others now at Didi’s Wardrobe!  You can also find Indian costume jewelry to match your outfit, all at amazing prices!


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Fashions in the Hottest (Pantone Approved) Colors!

Pantone is known for releasing the hottest colors for every season. Here at Didi’s Wardrobe, we have researched the latest Pantone-approved colors, and sourced outfits in each of the shades! Be up-to-date for your next event by finding an outfit in one of these beautiful colors, our faves from the most recent Pantone-color list:

FCR_8 This color, called Pink Yarrow, is a vibrant, but not too glaring shade of pink. This beautiful sari matches this shade, and is perfect to wear to an Indian wedding or formal event.

4730 magenta indian sari









This shade of Primrose Yellow is a beautiful blend between yellow and mustard. This is a popular color for Indian clothes as it is bright and reminds us of the color of turmeric (a spice often used in Indian cooking). This salwaar kameez perfectly illustrates this color!

4010 Yellow Salwar Kameez










4583 off white_pink indian lehenga Pale Dogwood is a subtle, blush color – one of our favorites! This bridal lehenga has a beautiful blush colored blouse with intricate gold embroidery – just gorgeous!

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What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

Indian wedding invite

Invited to an Indian Wedding? It’s definitely an experience you will not forget. Usually Indian weddings span several days and consists of multiple events. Lot of events means lots of fun, and lots of outfits! Yes, it can get very confusing on what to wear to an Indian wedding! So check out our guide below so you know exactly what to wear.

First off, take a look at your invitation and see to which events you are invited. The type of wedding events thrown by the bride/groom often depends on which part of India they are from. For example, if you are invited to a Gujarati Indian wedding (meaning the bride or groom is from the state of Gujarat in India), they will likely host a mehendi party, a garba (a traditional dance party), the wedding, and a reception. With that said, not all guests are invited to each event, so do take a look at the invite to see for which events you need to get outfitted.

Below is a quick breakdown of typical events held at Indian weddings and what you should be wearing. We know it can get costly finding clothing for each event, but do checkout Didi’s Wardrobe for new and gently used saris, lehengas and more. You will likely be able to dress for multiple events and not break your bank account. Our prices are heavily discounted as they are pre-owned clothes that are new or barely worn, so you get the benefit of a beautiful like-new outfit at an even better price.

If you are wondering if it is appropriate to wear traditional Indian clothing if you are non-Indian, the answer is YES! Indians love when their wedding guests (no matter where they hail from) wear saris, lehengas, salwars and kurta pajamas. Don’t be embarrassed – enjoy it as it’s so much fun dressing up in Indian clothing!

Below is a quick guide of what to wear to the individual events of an Indian wedding.

Mehendi Party – also known as Henna Night:

4371b olive green indian salwar kameez

The bride and all of her friends and family will be getting henna painted on their hands. The night will be focused on lots of food, music and socializing.

For the mehendi night, find something colorful! We would suggest wearing a  Salwar Kameez, Churidar or  Anarkali. They are all a variation of a shirt, pants and a scarf that you can wrap around your neck. You will find lots of options under Didi’s Wardrobe Salwar Kameez section.

We would suggest avoiding something light in color as you might end up staining your outfit with henna if you accidentally bump into someone. Darker colors may work better for this event.

Sangeet  - also known as Music  Night:

4301 purple indian lehenga suit

Depending on the culture, there may be a Sangeet party. A Sangeet is filled with music, lots of food, dance performances and dancing. We would suggest wearing an Anarkali or Lehenga. An anarkali is a long dress with pants and a scarf, and a lehenga is a long skirt with a cropped blouse and scarf. Both of these options are fun to dance in, which makes this fun, festive night all the more enjoyable! You will find lots of options under Didi’s Wardrobe Salwar Kameez and Lehenga sections.

Any color will work for this event. Don’t forget to spruce up your outfit with some fun jewelry!


Garba – also known as the Traditional Indian Dance Night:

14855448253864_lehenga_choliA garba is typically hosted by Indians from the state of Gujarat. Here you will be kicking off your shoes and dancing barefoot. You need to wear something with a flowing skirt, such as a chuniya choli. This will consist of a blouse, a flowing skirt and a dupatta that wraps around your body. Don’t forget to make sure the skirt is at ankle length so you don’t trip when dancing! If you find an outfit you like that has a skirt that is too long, you can always get it hemmed up to a no-shoe length. You will find amazing chuniya cholis at Didi’s Wardrobe under Lehengas / Ghagra Cholis.


Definitely wear something colorful! It’s all about color at a garba! Here you can wear some heavy, fun Indian costume jewelry!

 Wedding Day:

4226b blue sariTypically most people will wear a sari to an Indian wedding. Pick a colorful sari – something pink, purple, blue, green….sarees come in every imaginable color so pick your favorite! The two colors we would suggest being careful with at a wedding are white and black. White is actually the color that Indians wear to funerals, so we suggest avoiding anything purely white. Also, the bride will be in a white and red sari or lehenga, so save those colors for the bride. Also, black is not generally accepted during the wedding. You can save that for the reception if you really want to wear something black.


Enjoy the day watching the groom come on a horse and his whole side of the family and friends dancing around the horse as they approach the entrance to the venue. It’s a ton of fun, so if you’re on the groom’s side, make sure you have comfortable shoes to dance in.

Reception Party:

Version 2And the final event that brings it all together – the reception! There will be lots of drinks, food, speeches and dancing. We would recommend a sarilehenga choli or an anarkali for the reception.  If you are not comfortable wearing a sari, we would recommend attempting that for the wedding as you won’t be moving much during the daytime activities. During the reception you will likely be dancing so a lehenga or anarkali may be easier to show off your moves!





There are so many lehenga choli or anarkali options to choose from. At the reception, you can wear any color you choose. Many people opt for black at this event if they had a great sari they were looking forward to wearing.




Still more questions? Wondering what a male should wear to all of the events above?


Typically at a mehendi and sangeet men wear nice pants and a button down shirt. At the garba, they like to wear a kurta pajama that has some maneuvering room to dance. At the wedding, men also like to wear a kurta pajama or sherwani to fit in with all of the traditional activities of the day. And finally at the reception, most men will typically wear a suit.




If you still have more questions, please feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to help you find the perfect wardrobe for your upcoming Indian wedding!




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Why Settle for Less? Upcycle Into a Dress!

Repurposing those outfits you love

Indian clothing can be versatile and its design aesthetic is pervasive in both Eastern and Western fashions. Oftentimes, we have a closet full of Indian clothes that we have worn once or twice, and haven’t found the opportunity to wear again. Here at Didi’s Wardrobe, we have taken four outfits that came in as a salwar kameez, and repurposed them as stylish dresses that can be worn anytime!

How have you creatively upcycled your Indian clothing? Send us your pics on Instagram @didiswardrobe! And let us know what you think of these ideas as well!

white and gold dress

We have tied the cream dupatta with gold piping around the waist of this intricately detailed kameez top. In lightly printed cotton, this dress is perfect for a summer gathering or just wearing around town to go shopping! We love how versatile this dress is, and think we may wear it more as a dress than as a traditional Indian outfit.





white lace dressThis gorgeous white lace dress is actually a salwar kameez top paired with a white belt. This looks amazing, and is a great way to upcycle your beautiful Indian tops. With just a few accessories, this outfit has been completely transformed, and can be used for any occasion! We love how versatile this dress is, and think we may wear it more as a dress than as a traditional Indian outfit!




red mini dress We love the look of this red and orange A-line mini-dress, perfect to wear to a summer picnic or pair it with leggings to go to a concert. This reimagined salwar kameez is easily transformed to give you that 60’s mod vibe, and may just be sitting in your closet ready for its next incarnation!





green mini dressThis adorable mini-dress, upcycled from another salwar kameez, has a tie back that is perfect for converting into a fun, flirty dress! We love the print and embroidery on this piece, and accessorized with a necklace and colorful purse, looks stunning for a Sunday stroll.





Have fun with your outfits and think creatively about how you can repurpose/upcycle/reuse your “old” outfits to make them new again!

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Upcycling Wedding Wear

Second-hand bridal wear – not a taboo anymore!

indian brideIndian weddings are elaborate affairs, often spanning multiple days, and costs can really start to add up quickly. Many brides are looking for that perfect outfit to shine on their special day – and hunt high and low, traveling to stores all over the world to purchase a beautiful lehenga or sari. But sometimes that perfect outfit is something you have seen another bride wear, or an outfit that is classic or does not incorporate the latest trend, such as too much “bling”, or cut from a specific material, such as net. Sometimes that perfect outfit may be closer than you think.

There are lots of wedding dress shows on TV today, and some of them even focus on reusing, or upcycling, preworn wedding dresses. There are also plenty of sites dedicated to this phenomenon, such as PreOwnedWeddingDresses  and Tradesy. We don’t see this trend that often with Indian wedding outfits, but we think it should start! Many brides only wear their outfits for an hour or two, and they are in like-new condition. It no longer needs to be a taboo to find that perfect secondhand bridal outfit – you can start by looking at Didi’s Wardrobe. We even have some ideas for you here.

You never know where that perfect outfit might be – happy shopping!

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Sneak Peek of Summer 2017

We have lots of great tips for looking your best this summer, taking inspiration from the fashion shows and beautiful outfits coming down the runway! Read on to see which looks inspire you.

Gold lehenga

All that glitters is gold!

Shimmer can be never too much, and in fact, gold is coming back in style! This fashionable material always stands out in a crowd. Celebrities and designers are using gold and shimmery fabrics to beautiful effect. Take a look at the stunning Anushka Sharma in a gorgeous Manish Malhotra outfit at Mijwan Summer 2017 wearing a glittery off-white lehenga. A heavily embroidered skirt with gold peek-a-boo pleated details takes this outfit to the next level!



Colorful looksFlaunt shades of sun this summer

Sonakshi Sinha slays in this orange dress for Monisha Jaisingh’s show in LFW. Wear the colors of excitement, brightness, and love by donning shades of orange, yellow, and red. These vibrant colors could be found coming down the runway during the recent fashion shows. These sassy and energizing shades can also be mixed with range of bright colors and put into super modern and beautiful combinations. Don’t forget to dress in lighter more breathable fabrics and breezier silhouettes so you can survive this summer without breaking a sweat! Whether it is a wedding event or any other social gathering, feel great and comfortable at the same time.

SimplegantSIMPLEGANT it is!

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”

Sometimes just a simple look is what you need. Wear minimal and bring beautiful and rich fabrics together to bring out the best in you. Blend your style with fresh patterns and sophistication. Mix gold and pastels and florals for the easy, breezy and yet classy look on a summery day. Sabyasachi’s latest spring collection is so elegantly Indian while also showing a playful side.


No matter what, have fun with your summer looks, whether they be shimmery, colorful, or simply elegant!

Didi’s Wardrobe offers a wide array of new and gently used Indian clothing at up to 80% off retail price! Outfits can be worn for more both formal and informal occasions such as a date night or a night out with friends. It all comes down to how you, the wearer, decide to mix and match clothes to fit your liking. Wear to impress yourself more than the people around you, because it brings about an aura of confidence that is so integral to personal style. Start here—this is a great place to begin adding a little more flavor to a wardrobe and get ready for summer style!

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Movie Trailer Review: Begum Jaan

Movie Trailer Review: BEGUM JAAN

begum jaan

If Vidya Balan’s newest movie, Begum Jaan, doesn’t leave you stunned, we don’t know what will! After delivering an astonishing performance in Kahaani 2, Vidya Balan is back with Begum Jaan, and she will stun you with her role as the fiery and ferocious brothel owner in the film.

The Partition serves as the backdrop of this beautiful story. As violence erupts all around them, the India and Pakistan border passes right through the brothel that Begum Jaan owns. The trailer begins with a monologue by Amitabh Bachchan. Due to the border issue, Balan and the other women in the brothel are asked to vacate the house. What follows is a series of spellbinding events that will give you goosebumps and a desire to keep seeing more!

The movie also stars Naseerudin Shah, Gauhar Khan, Pallavi Sharda, Ila Arun, Chunky Pandey among others.

We love Begun Jaan’s look in this movie – with messy hair, and her signature light colored eyes, Balan wears a nose ring and keeps imperfect eyebrows to depict this character.

The movie is set for release on April 14, 2017. We can’t wait to watch it and you can click a sneak peek at the trailer here: Caution! The last dialogue in the trailer stays in your mind long after you are done watching it.


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Modern Takes on Draping Your Dupatta



Here at Didi’s Wardrobe we love to take a traditionally beautiful outfit, and shake things up by finding new and fun ways to drape the dupatta. Here are three great ideas that you can easily adapt for any of your lehengas or chaniya cholis:





IMG_6460 (1)

1) Comfort and Style: Bridal draping – Drape a lightweight stole over the head, and have a second heavier dupatta around shoulders and waist

A new trend with bridal dupattas is to drape a matching lighter-weight dupatta (generally net or chiffon material) over the head, while a heavier dupatta is traditionally draped around the shoulders. This style allows the bride to comfortably wear other accessories, such as jewelry and flowers around the neck and shoulders, without weighing down a heavy dupatta, which still provides a beautiful contrast to the lehenga. After the ceremony, the bride (or groom!) can easily remove the lighter dupatta, and the bride is ready for the reception!


2) Dramatic Effect: Sari draping – Pleat the dupatta like a sari, tuck into the waist, make a big U and drape over the shoulder for a dramatic effect

Nowadays, one can find a wide variety of fusion outfits, that combines two different types of traditional outfits such as a salwaar kameez and lehenga. Another fresh take on a fusion outfit is to pleat your dupatta in a dramatic sari style to accentuate the length and beauty of a lehenga outfit. In the picture to the right, we have draped a dupatta over a beautifully embroidered lehenga by designer Ritu Kumar. The dupatta has been tucked into the waist and pleated and pinned at the shoulder to add a dramatic flourish to this striking outfit.


IMG_64773)  Elegant Draping: Tucked and draped around arm – Pleat the dupatta and tuck one end at waist, bring around back and gracefully drape the other end of dupatta over arm

This elegant styling allows the wearer to highlight a beautiful blouse without covering up the intricate beading and detailing on many lehengas. This dupatta style is truly unique and a great way to show off a contrast color heavily embroidered dupatta.




Wearing a dupatta does not have to be boring – it can add that last flourish to truly set your outfit apart! Take inspiration from these ideas and try some new styles. What dupatta draping styles have you tried? Send us pictures of your unique dupatta styles at and we may include your pictures in our next blog post!



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Holi is Coming! Color Is Key

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, signifies the coming of spring, and the return to wearing bright, colorful outfits! During Holi, friends and family come together and  throw vibrant, colored powders on each other:

holi pic

Both kids and adults look forward to Holi all year long! And what better way to celebrate the festival of colors than with a bright, colorful outfit (which also takes the stress out of trying to clean the outfits afterward!). Here at Didi’s Wardrobe, we are a big fan of color, and have selected some outfits for the whole family that could give you some ideas of what to wear at your next Holi event.


Kids love wearing outfits that they can get dirty, and parents love for their kids to look as cute as possible! Yellows, pinks, and greens are perfect for Holi and any festive event:











Whether wearing a traditional lehenga or multi-color salwaar kameez, these outfits are perfect for Holi! Any colorful powder-throwing challenges you get into with your family and friends will blend right into your outfit:










Men can join in the colorful fun as well, with a bright kurta pajama, or how about a kurti top with a pair of jeans? Here are some great ideas:









We hope you are looking forward to the coming of spring, the return to bright clothing, and celebrating the festival of colors!

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On Trend – Gown Style Lehengas

Gown-Style Lehengas Are On Trend!

There are some beautiful new trends in Bollywood-inspired outfits these days – including gowns with long skirt bottoms. These long tops paired with a flowing lehenga underneath create a striking silhouette for any occasion. Pair the outfit with more or less jewelry to dress up or dress down, depending on the event. Here are some outfits from Didi’s Wardrobe’s current inventory that perfectly highlight this beautiful new trend!

IMG_5696 (2)

Our model has on a traditional long kameez with beautiful maroon satin lehenga skirt. A matching dupatta and vibrant jewelry and headpiece help to complete the outfit. 

Here our model has on a heavy gold embroidered top with a flowing cream skirt. Paired with simple gold jewelry, this outfit is sure to stun at your new wedding or formal event!

Here our model has on a heavy gold embroidered top with a flowing cream skirt. Paired with simple gold jewelry, this outfit is sure to stun at your new wedding or formal event 

This gown outfit with a long skirt can be paired in two ways! This stunning light green embroidered top can be paired with a satin skirt or pants, to dress up or dress down for any occasion!

This gown outfit with a long skirt can be paired in two ways! This stunning light green embroidered top can be paired with a satin skirt or pants, to dress up or dress down for any occasion! 

IMG_5694 (2)

Stunning with pants!













Didi’s Wardrobe offers a wide array of gently used Indian clothing that can be worn for more informal occasions such as a date night or a night out with friends. It all comes down to how you, the wearer, decide to mix and match clothes to fit your liking. Wear some new looks for your next event! Start here—this is a great place to begin adding a little more flavor to a wardrobe!





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