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Saving hundreds of dollars on Indian clothes you will only wear once or twice makes complete sense. As is making some money from all those beautiful clothes and costume Indian jewelry that you will likely never wear again.  The best part is, you can purchase something on Didi's Wardrobe, wear it and then resell it again on our site.  Where else can you "borrow" Indian clothes outside of your family and friends for such a low cost? It's the best place to find cheap sarees without sacrificing on the quality!


More Indian Wear & Accessories
We have hundreds of Indian outfits and accessories listed for sale.  New items are added daily.  With more lehengas and kurtas in one place, you'll be able to find your perfect outfit in no time.  Learn more about the different styles of Indian clothing under South Asian Clothing 101.

Great Search Tool
On Didi's Wardrobe, you can easily search by price, size, type or condition rating.  You can even search by recently added or recent price reduction.

Affordable Prices
Didi's Wardrobe doesn't charge a posting fee, and only charges a fee if an item sells.  This encourages sellers to price saris and sherwanis right since they receive a good portion of the proceeds.

Personal Account
With your personal Didi's Wardrobe account, you can save a list of your favorite Indian outfits and accessories in your wishlist.  Come back at any time to purchase or share those favorites with family and friends using the Facebook "like" button.

After you have enjoyed wearing your Indian clothing or accessories from Didi's Wardrobe, you can resell the item for another lucky buyer to use again.  The price you initially paid will likely end up being a fraction of the cost after you resell the item.

Guaranteed Delivery
Rest assured that your item will be delivered.  We will not process payment to the seller until we know the package has been delivered to you.



Untapped Market
Millions of South Asians buy Indian clothing and accessories, wear them a few times and then store them in their closets, never to be touched again.  Didi's Wardrobe provides individuals a way to monetize on previously purchased Indian and Pakistani clothing and jewelry.  There are thousands of Asians and non-Asians that are always looking for Indian clothes and jewelry, but just don't want to pay significant sums of money to purchase them.

Money In Your Pocket
There are no listing fees to post items and there are no limits on the number of items you post.  All shipping costs will be paid by the buyers. 

Seller Privacy
We will never display your email address on our website.  Additionally we will never sell, rent or otherwise disclose your information to a 3rd party.  For more information see our Privacy Policy.

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