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When posting your sarees, kurtas and jewelry, you need to provide as much detail as possible.  The more information and detail you give, the more likely your item will sell. 

Price it Right
Price is one of the most important factors that will influence your chances of selling items.  Price your item attractively, and you’ll likely get people interested. 

The best way to determine what your new or preowned item is worth is to start with a few factors: the age, the condition and the original price.  If there are any stains, tears or imperfections, the price should reflect the damages as well.

Here are some guidelines that we suggest:

Age of Items New Used
Less than 2 years old 30% off Retail Price 50% off Retail Price
2 to 5 years old 40% off Retail Price 60% off Retail Price
5+ years old 50% off Retail Price 70% off Retail Price

If your item hasn’t sold after a few weeks, consider reducing your price.  A reduction of 10% or more will place your item on our Recent Price Reduction page and will have a "Price Reduced" banner for 30 days.

Check Your Picture Quality
Your pictures are the best way to showcase your items.  Ideally, you will have pictures of the item worn.  Pictures of items on an actual person (without head shots) are much more appealing than those on the floor, bed, or even a hanger.  The more angles you take, the better.  Try to include images of the full front, back and close ups.  Always include the actual item being sold, rather than a picture of the item from a store catalog. 

For your main thumbnail or preview image (the one that will appear in search results), it is best to use a single image of your item (instead of a composite of two or three different pictures).

Make sure that the pictures you post are clear and not blurry.  If buyers can’t visually see the true details of the item, they will be less likely to click further to learn more. See more tips under How to Photograph Your Indian Wear.

Give Detailed Information
More is definitely better.  Include information about the color, fabric, embroidery/work, measurements, if/how the item was cleaned.  The buyer doesn’t know anything about the item, so provide lots of details. 

Full Disclosure Is Important
Hopefully it goes without saying, but full disclosure is very important.  Revealing any imperfections about your item will prevent any issues as your transaction progresses.

Clean / Dry Clean your Item
Cleaning your items will increases chances of a sale.  This will save buyers money when they receive their item.  Check with local dry cleaners to see if they will accept such clothing.  See our list of local Vendors that will dry clean your Indian Clothing.

Use the Facebook "Like" Button
Each item has a Facebook Like button at the top of the page.  Clicking this button will immediately share a 'like" for your items with your social network.  Spreading the word is a great way to help sell your item.  Make sure to also Like Didi's Wardrobe on Facebook


Optimize Your Listing Optimize Your Listing