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Indian Clothing


We highly suggest you take a photo of the outfit worn, without showing your face (for privacy reasons).  If it is clothing, buyers will want to see a front view, back view and upfront of the shirt, and close up of the embroidery / work.   We suggest you take pictures with a plain backdrop to highlight the item and increase the chances of selling.  Also, if you take pictures with no flash, the embroidery and bead work on the clothes comes out better (as long as you have ample lighting around you).


Indian Jewelry


The best setting to capture those fine intricate details is in manual mode, to avoid using a flash.  Flash typically reflects off such beautiful Indian jewelry and may distort the color and sparkle.  However, if you are not comfortable using manual mode, try using the Macro mode (the setting with the little flower).  Just ensure that you have enough light to capture the highest quality pictures of your items. 

Earrings: Try to hang them off of a string or in a jewelry box, so that buyers can see the full natural hanging effect.

Necklaces: Make sure to capture a few photos (close up and full view to capture the full look and detailed work).  You can even take a picture of the necklace on yourself (without face shots) for buyers to better visualize the look. 


How to Compress Your Photos:

If you compress your photographs, they will upload faster during the Post a Sale process and will also open up faster for potential buyers. Follow these simple steps to easily compress your photos.

  1. Open your photo in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  2. Click on Edit Pictures
  3. Click on Compress Pictures
  4. Choose "Documents" under "Compress for:"
  5. Click OK and save your file

If you have multiple pictures, you can compress them all together.

  1. Open one photo in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  2. Click on View > Thumbnails
  3. Select all your photos in the folder to compress
  4. Follow steps 2-5 above to compress your photos